Dancing is a very odd phenomenon that I just began pondering only a few minutes ago. Now dancing is definitely something that I enjoy doing, and I know some of you out there would agree with me (datassassin and joebabymama). However what makes an individual a good dancer?

I believe the most necessary trait to have in order to be a good dancer is heart. One must put all their heart in dancing if they really want to be able to reach full rug-cutting potential. However a close second would be the necessity of flexibility, something that greatly inhibits me, however I push through it for the good of the cause. (I will be hosting some pre-dance stretching for whoever wants to join)

Something else that came to my mind is why exactly are black people so much superior to whites at dancing? is it sheer athleticism that makes one a good dancer? I don’t believe so, but I can’t quite figure out the distinctive trait that one group has that the other may not, besides extra muscles.

Lastly with the Middle School dance and Winter Formal coming up I am expecting all you tainted readers attending to show me some real moves and I want to see some gettin down! I’m talkin Dirty South type shit.


3 comments on “Dancing

  1. Though the post is very good, upon reading the tags I expected something much different ;). You played me, foodvulture13.


    PS Waistband tuck – classic

  2. Im confused… i think i have an idea.. once chachi writes his post ill then leave a post on what i though chachi’s post was going to be about what he thought yours was gonna be about… ya follow?

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