Tainted: Moving Up In The World

After writing my delightful article on the State of the Union, I decided to try to search the topic on google. This search was for research purposes, you know, how can I improve my writing to be on par with top writers on the subject? The results were surprising.

The first thing I noticed after I searched was the immense number of results. 36 million! Sounds like a lot of reading. Scrolling down the first page, I didn’t notice anything peculiar; politico.com, ucsb.edu, msnbc.com, msn.com and supertuesdaynews.com.

What came next surprised me. Among the the class of the elite political websites was none other that Tainted! Not only were we among the top websites, we trumped many others. The Guardian, NY Mag, The Washington Post and CBS News, just to name a few. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

As I said earlier, I began my google search to see how I could improve my writing to big time quality. As evidenced by the above pictures, I do not need to improve. DRINKTHAKOOLAID reigns supreme!



2 comments on “Tainted: Moving Up In The World

  1. Well done drinkthakoolaid, I have also seen some google success with my articles. By looking at the site stats I noticed that someone typed in ‘mi firstclass’ into google and they came to my ‘no te metas a mi firstclass’ article. This person used google mexico, and it turns out that ‘no te metas a mi firstclass’ is the 3rd article on google mexico when ‘mi firstclass’ is typed in.

  2. drinkthakoolaid you lie! I noticed this then searched and found all of this information. Another case of chachi’s story being stolen. But this is still pretty cool 🙂

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