Westside’s biggest OG

I would like to use this post to shout out the biggest OG at Westside, and possibly in all of Omaha.  I am sure several of you tainters thought that this would be about Vander Tuig, Joslin, or even that cool Janitor.  Though these 3 are indeed all Gs, there is only one who can be the OG of Westside.  This man is Lonnie Moore.  Lonnie Moore is an OG for many reasons, just a few of which will be explained in this post.

First off, Lonnie Moore is like 1 TRILLion years old.  In geo class he showed this old ass U.N.C.L.E. show he used to watch that must’ve been from the early 50s.  He also frequently makes references to the past and his many experiences (including one time where he compared something to taking LSD).  Just looking at Mr. Moore you can see how G he is.  Takes some real nuts to pull off some of the outfits he does.  Today he was dressed like a normal teacher…and he seemed out of place.

Also its the way he acts.  Anyone who has taken geo or is in it currently knows how lax he is.  I joined the class mid-unit and didn’t have to make up a single thing.  Also he knew my mom sophomore year…before I even knew his name.  To conclude, Mr. Moore is definitely Westside’s biggest OG bar none.  If anyone has any stories involving this homie, please share them in comments.



4 comments on “Westside’s biggest OG

  1. first day of class he sung my last name in opera while taking roll. Biggest OG ever since.
    He also tripped in class.. got on the ground to feel what he tripped on… looked up and said “they must of moved it”

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