Getting Up in the Morning

Fellow tainters… I call your attention upon a struggle we all face almost every day.  This struggle is one of the most challenging things that we face in our lives… Getting up in the morning.

Every weekday morning, my dad comes into my room at about 6:45 and makes me up.  “SHIT!!” “DAMNIT!!” and “FUCK!!” are common words that go through my head at that moment.  Every time this happens I struggle with all of my might to open my eyes, but it feels like I am trying to bench press 400lbs with my eyelids.  Once I manage to get my eyelids open, the next challenge is getting out of bed.  It seems like there is never anything in the world more comfortable at that moment than in my bed and under my covers and the only thing that I want to do is drift back to sleep.  If I had the choice to be able to go back to sleep, or go out on a date with Beyoncé, I would probably pick go back to sleep.  I usually spend about 10 to 15 minutes every morning, struggling to get out of bed.  It makes it especially harder when it is cold outside because my room is right above the garage and my whole room is freezing and under my covers is toasty warm.  However, I somehow manage to escape from the clutches of my bed and stumble to the breakfast table. After I eat breakfast, it has become part of my morning routine to lay in bed for about 10 to 15 extra minutes before I finally start getting ready for school.

Every morning I tell myself, “I am definitely going to bed early tonight.” However, every night I find myself doing pointless activities late into the night, (and other not so pointless activities such as Tainting) when I should be going to sleep.  I write this article because I know many of you probably face the same struggle that I do.


2 comments on “Getting Up in the Morning

  1. This struggle is very common in my everyday life. I get to ease that pain on monday and tuesday because i have a late day.. except i had ping pong today. forced myself an early awakening just to see that some fugly ass chick named sydney holzworth is fucking gay.
    fuck her.

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