UNSIGNED HYPE: Lil Clip’s in the House

Lots of hot new ish has been blazing out of the 402 lately.  While walking the streets like I normally do every evening I have heard one song in particular banging in the trunk.  It bothered me not knowing which up-and-coming spitta had dropped this.  He sounded like a coked-up Tyler the Creator with some Slim Thug influences.  Well, after listening to this song I can say for sure that it is Omaha’s own Lil Clip.

When the hyphy bass dropped in I didn’t know what to expect.  I had seen many wackass mfs attempt similar beats and fail miserably, but when Lil Clips’ beautiful voice began waxing poetic explaining his lack of fucks given I realized how he truly was a special talent.  Though raw on the edges, and with a flow that can be choppy at times, Lil Clip has the potential to be a rap superstar with his ambition and creative wordplay.

4.5 stars/5

My favorite line: “The amount of fuck I don’t give should be a world record/ but I don’t give a fuck cause I got a big pecker.”

Listen at: Soundcloud


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