Exhilarating Dream

Last night I had a few dank dreams. One of them was literally like 15 seconds and couldn’t have been better.

First I appeared in a random house in the living room with a T.V. and a couch. I watch a lot of king of queens with doug heffernan and his wife carrie. Carrie is kind of sexy when she was younger. so I appeared in this house and it was just me and her. she was a little pregnant and I started feelin her up. Long story short she explained how her nipples were really pink. I pulled them out to see… they were pink. so I sucked on them. Then we ended up watching a movie under a blanket together.


Next dream (15 seconds). Football game. Full pads and everything. I was in a 3-point stance on the left side of the line. “hike” i ran a quick fade and in stride about 10 yards down field our QB (big tall skinny guy. Maybe elway) throws me a dart. I caught the ball and had one man to beat. He kept running with me and I kept faking out and in trying to fool him. after the 9th fake he finally bit and I ran outside for the touchdown. I put the ball in my hands and tried to spin the ball.. instead it slipped and went into the grass outside the field and the ref probably thought i threw it, resulting in a penalty. But as the ref was running to the endzone… alarm went off. no flag. I woke up in a pretty solid mood this morning to say the least.


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