Skinny Models

First off… I was kinda getting pissed because every time I have gotten on Tainted lately, it has been the same damn articles.  So I thought I would post some thoughts on something that really grinds my gears….skinny models.

I know all of you tainters have seen magazines and other ads where the models are grossly skinny.  Now it may be just me, but I think these bony females are not attractive and need to put some meat on their bones.  In the words of the famous Brett Murray, women should be “Thick, but not too thick.”

Another thing, it just isn’t healthy to be skin and bones.  Now theres nothing wrong with being a little slim, but there is a difference from being fit, and a skeleton.  Also, these skinny models are TAINTING young ladies in society and causing disorders because many think they should look like them…. NO!

Here are some examples… let me know your opinions.



5 comments on “Skinny Models

  1. I would like thank you for this post. This has ground my gears for a long time now. Come one! There has to be a little cushin for the pushin if you know what I’m sayin.
    These girls get paid to look that way. Gross.

  2. Damn i dont know what you guys been on but how does this not turn you on?? Aint nuthin like seein a girls ribs through her shirt…fuck tits and an ass nam sayin? there is nothin i love more than feelin a girl up and counting her ribs and vertabrae.

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