Voting Bloc

Ok so the senior superlatives is a very fun idea and I have had a blast filling it out (Keith Frey- most likely to design a clothing line!).  However, for our votes to make any impact we need use an old political trick and consolidate.

Think about it, there are roughly 440 kids in our grade, and everyone hangs out with different people so there will be a huge variety of votes.  In most categories, no one will likely have more than 10-15ish.  To maximize our voting potential we should create something I dub the “Tainted Voting Bloc” in which all of the tainters and many more will vote in solidarity to further our ideas.  We can meet the night before or something to sort out who we’re all voting for, but in the meantime if you have any suggestions, write them in the comments.

Until the next time,



5 comments on “Voting Bloc

  1. Voting bloc update:
    We will meet thursday night before abusement park practice. The “suggested” ballot will be posted on tainted by thursday night. Meeting time/place TBA.

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