WHS Teachers

I think we can all agree that the marketing teachers, Henson, Eymann and a few others are the babes of the teach staff… but who are the Cinderella’s of this year. This opinion based post is judged upon personality, well dressed, and seductiveness. Everyone must know that I personally haven’t had every teacher so in case I miss someone in your opinion leave a comment of your own Cinderella’s.

In no apparent order. (random)

Mrs. Spisak. Humanities teacher, she may not be the most attractive but the vibe I got from her last semester was magical. She really topped it off at the end of the semester when kevin was in my final and I made a black joke towards kevin and she couldn’t stop laughing. She knew it was wrong but couldn’t resist.


Mrs. Pueppka. Comp Teacher, she wears “jeggings” daily and she’s got a rockin’ bod. Get me every time.


Mrs. ¬†Synowicki. Long term sub but no longer with us. Always thought she was pretty sexy… then I saw her at BWW with a thick black guy (maybe hawaiian, darker skinned) and dreams were crushed. If you wanna see her then go to BWW on thursday night, she’s a weekly trivia player on thursdays… not a joke.


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