Senior Superlative Cheat Sheet

In case anyone is having some problems with filling out their senior superlatives, here are the tainted-approved lists.

1. Class Clown: Tommy Volberding, Aisha Wang

2. Teacher’s Pet: Jay Kaslon, Aisha Wang

3. Most Artistic: Marc Cubrich, Hannah Kerby

4. Most Athletic: Alex Van Lent. Jay Bridgemen

5. Best to take home to parents: Max Lawlor

6. Best Hair: Hannah Blazek

7. Best Eyes: Abby Bradford

8. Best Smile: Travis Rupp

9. Most Unique Laugh: Jonny Baker

11: Clumsiest: Oliver Rockman

12. Biggest Flirt: David Badalucco,

13. Most Talkative: Sydnee Nieto

14. Best Car: Cam Davis, Madison Mapes

15. Best Dressed: Maddie Goodman

16.MLT Late: Luc Murphree

18. Worst Case of Senioritis: Christian Vinjamuri

19. Most Computer Literate: David Marshall, Christine Hacker

20. Most School Spirit: Andrew Nelson, Jessie Pflug

21. Biggest Smartie: Jacob Lehr

23. Biggest Hipster: Brandon Babe, Robin Hibbard

24. MLT Comedian: Austin Craig

25. MLT Get Married: David Marshall, Katherine Lincoln

26. Worst Driver: Jeff Dirks

28. Most Energetic: Dylan Craig

29. Most Dreamed About: Greg Leaver,

30. MLT MTV: Chardonay Duff

31: MLT Hogwarts: Aaron Calderon, Colette Rector

32. MLT Millionaire: David Glazer

33. Class Mom and Dad: Carolyn Clements, Dylan Musser

34. MLT Prez: Tim Tracey

37. Van by River: Alex Campbell

38. Live in another Country: David Thrash

39. MLT 16: Brad Newton, Meg Kinsella

40. MLT Peace: Ahmit James, Shayla Parnell

43. MLT Fashion Line: Keith Frey, Shereen Salfity

45. MLT Be a Bouncer: Brett Meyer

46. MLT WWE: Oliver Rockman

47. MLT Famous: Mitch Gettman

48. Best Nickname: Nick Seline

Any other suggestions please post in comments.


12 comments on “Senior Superlative Cheat Sheet

  1. Don’t listen to steve, he’s a fuckin asshole. And that isnt even funny.
    5. Best to take home: Calvin Amin
    17. Congeniality: Max Lawlor

  2. best smile rachel pickering
    most talkative- brianna poppert and cameron morgan
    most energetic brianna poppert
    MLT win an oscar calvin amin

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