I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in this years intramurals.

Besides Team cain because of such a brutal performance in the finals… by all participants of that team.I am pretty sure the Semi-final game for the rebels was closer than the finals. They lacked so many different aspects of the game. It was pitiful to say the least. Quite the athletes they had, yet no chemistry, heart, and leadership. Team cain didn’t have any best players on championship monday (Christian played pretty well in my opinion). The rebels best players consisted of; Glazer, Rupp, Marshall, Volberding, Hogan, Van Lent, and Fino.

Give a hand for them (clapping).

This will always be remembered and never let go. Now I am on to Winning the ping pong tournament.

Best of luck to everyone as Winter sports wrap up and spring sports just start to heat up.


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