Crazy Winter Formal Stories

Seeing as there has been a lack of Tainted articles recently I have decided to step up as a leader of this prestigious website and post something.  Winter Formal just happened so I think it would be interesting if we all posted our craziest Winter Formal story, from the past or from this years winter formal.

Here is a crazy story that I have from this years winter formal.  It was approximately 4 a.m. in the morning.  We were playing a game where you roll a die and the number that you role corresponds with a certain action that you must perform.  As a joke we decided that if a person were to roll three consecutive sixes they would have to be ‘toed’ by someone.  For those of you who don’t know, the probability of rolling three straight sixes is 1/216.  That’s really unlikely.  As if it were fate, however, when Drinkthakoolaid rolled he found a way to roll three straight sixes.  I leave it to your imaginations to find out what happened next…


5 comments on “Crazy Winter Formal Stories

  1. 8th grade winter formal, I went wit dis one broad, and we went to a lil red lobsta to get our dinner. And I aint like seafood ya know, so I tells dis broad that she betta pay for my fuckin shit cuz i aint like red lobsta anyways.

    long story short, when that bill came, my broad was like, “I aint payin for yo crab cakes.” so I wuz like “fine, yo pu$$y aint gettin that D tonight. I don giv a fuhh.” then i left red lobsta and left tha broad by herself. SHE HAD TO PAY FO MY DAM CRAB CAKES , and l8r wuz like callin me on my cellie. Short story shorter, we got our humpty bumpty on, and it wuz mad make up sex.


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