Cham is back

If y’all know me then y’all know im down with the homie Chamillionaire…and matter of fact if y’all see me today you already know im rockin the King Koopa shirt.  Well there’s a reason for that. Chamillionaire’s been my boy for a long time.  Ridin Dirty is a sick song that I listen to whenever I say FTP and both the Sound of Revenge and Ultimate Victory were incredibly underrated albums.  However when he made it big he signed to Universal who tried to change his smooth yet durrty sound into pop music.  He still made sick songs but Universal wanted a pop album and that just wasnt flyin.  After like 3 years of waiting in which Cham has released a few sick mixtapes I still been waitin on that new album.

This that sick azz cover

Well now it seems like we gettin one.  Ammunition is supposed to drop March 20 and we already heard that first single.  Its called Won’t Change and it got that sickass Houston vibe that made Cham famous.  Chamillionaire’s smooth voice mixing with Tami LaTrell’s equally smooth female voice plus his nasty rhymes makes a great track.  However, don’t take my word for it, listen to it here.  Cham’s still got it, just like the song says, some things won’t change.  And be waiting for the album March 20th and the official Yola Mayne review March 22nd.



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