Unknown Legend

Everyone wants to be remembered for something. When a true legend is forgotten, it is a tragedy for the entire world.  Perhaps more tragic is when one who has potential to be great never achieves immortality.  Known as Argel, he is currently the manager for the Brazilian football(soccer) team called Joinville.  Argel also enjoyed fifteen years as a footballer, playing as a center back for many teams including Santos, FC Porto, and Benefica.  Argel also has one full international cap for the greatest national team ever, Brazil, which came in a friendly against Honduras on March 29l 1995.  He was known as one of the tactically smartest defenders to ever play and was a dominating arial presence, even scoring 7 goals in 79 appearances for Benefica, a very high figure for a defender.  He was a commanding presence on the ball, and was one of the strongest defenders in the world.  After retiring in 2007 as a player, Argel took the managerial world by storm, even though he was fired from his first post after one quick year.  Argel has many qualities necessary for a great manager and is one of the hottest names in football.  It is a pity Argel is not as well known throughout the world, as he is truly a legend.  His contributions to the sport of soccer around the world are immeasurable.  What is slightly disappointing, however, is what could have been. Considering Argel’s real name is Argélico Fucks, Argel is a really shitty nickname.  Think of all the comedic possibilities thrown down the drain.  What a douchebag.  He could have called himself, I don’t give any fucks, I “fucks” your mom, Go “fucks” yourself, fucks hard, or even “fucksing” good at soccer.  What a non-creative asshole licker cunt.  So “fucks” you Argélico, you are a waste of space on this planet and you have embarrassed your family, their surname, and everything they stand for.

Argel(L) defending Nuno Gomes

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2 comments on “Unknown Legend

  1. There is some other great athlete names such as Stefan Kuntz and Max Lawlorisatwat. (Only one of these is real, guess 😉

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