Fueling the Famous

As everyone knows, Joseph Kony might be the most Tweeted about person in the past week. Thats quite an accomplishment we have given him. Probably inspires him to create a stronger force. Yet again, point for Mr. Kony. Is Kony a bad guy? YES. Should Kony be stopped? YES. Is Kony a nigga? YES.

For everyone who has tried to show their support through the Social Media. Can you answer this question… Point out Uganda on the map.

I bet you couldn’t. I sure couldn’t. I am not disagreeing with the movement, but my twitter feeds getting blown up about “another black guy.” Really grinding my Gears. I don’t want to hear it. Peyton Manning’s status is much more worth my while. Thank you for listening. Have a good night. Drive Safely.



One comment on “Fueling the Famous

  1. I know where it is, because Mr. Moore is a total G! (refer back to previous article)
    and (Chachi- I know you see me)

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