Deserving Recognition

First of all, I would like to say welcome back to the wonderful world of TAINTED!! I had an idea for an article so I thought I would post it.  So… I’ve been thinking, there are several great people in history who deserve recognition for their great doings.  I have compiled a list of people whose names are not known, but deserve some credit.

1. The inventor of barbecue sauce.

2. The first person to drink the lactation from a cow.

3. The first person to add chocolate to said lactation.

4. The first people to tailgate.

5. The inventor of the bikini.

6. The creators of the following words: taint, cunt, dude, bro, and twot.

7. The first person to slap a bass.

8. The inventor of pizza.

9. The first woman to shave her armpits.

10. The inventor of fantasy football.


There are many other people in history who deserve some credit that are not on this list.  Please post some people who you think deserve some credit.


3 comments on “Deserving Recognition

  1. How about the first nigga to…

    mix nyquil with sprite

    combine peanut butter with jelly

    film a steamy sex scene and distribute it to others as a form of entertainment

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