Fermented Taints

Saludos a todos!  Recientemente, regresé de un viaje de mas que un mes.  Viajé a America Central y fue muy bien, muchas gracias por pidiendo 😉 jajaja.  Pues, mi razón por escribiendo este articulo es los cambios grandes en Tainted!  Primero, everybody needs to go check the stats section on the sidebar and look at the new developments.  People have been looking at tainted even though it isn’t the people that created it!  Check out that map, Tainted is global now, people in Africa are even looking at it! That means people in Africa have computers now! It’s probably because we stopped Kony.

This is mainly because people are finding Tainted off of google searches, and a variety of searches at that.  Over the past quarter, 79 people have come to Tainted expecting to find nudes of Beyoncé!  Thats fuckin crazy.  When people come to your site to jack off you know you have made it on the internet.  Other search terms include “junior twats” “the guy with the biggest penis uncensored” “spanish fucking” “pornm3” “ass dream” “what is taint” “knee warts”, “why is rick ross so fat”, “god save the queen fashions”, “wipe butt method poke” and “skinny girl ribs fuck”.  So tainted is quickly become where really fucked up people go to look at stuff but thats fine by me.  A view is a view.

Speaking of views, I am now the current leader by 3 over my dear friend joebabymama.  So thats why I made this post, to brag.  But the other stuff is really cool too.  I hope to see all of my fellow tainters soon.  Adios por ahora, chingones 😉



2 comments on “Fermented Taints

  1. Noticia: El titulo es “Fermented Taints” porque nuestro sitio de web es mas antiguo ahora. Pienso que es un vino fino.

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