Hello good fellows. Now that college life has begun for the majority of us and I haven’t seen you dear friends in some time I thought it would be kosher to create a post.

So i would like to begin with the fact that I have been at Mizzou for 4 nights now, and have gotten progressively more drunk each night, it has been awesome. So this particular story starts off with a failed booze run by yours truly. The stupid indian clerk was in fact very intelligent and denied my id straight away. However, myself being a very persistent individual pushed through the failure and found a more suitable store for my services. (phillips 66) after getting 2 5ths of mccomicks whiskey (who knew they made that too???) we drank in the dorm, then went to a bar and got obliterated.

After doing this my roommate and myself ended up in our room with 2 girls, both not very attractive, this did not stop Mitch (roommate) however I was not having it. Now for some reason my hints were clearly too subtle and this broad decided to sleep in my bed with me! we didn’t even hook up and she passed out curled up next to me! I woke up at 7 am the next morning with this “4” right by my side, and I was NOT comfortable. I “accidentally” woke her up and she then continued to fall back asleep until 10:30, when I promptly said “I’m going to the rec” got up and left. This bitch was completely content sleeping till 10:00 while I lay flat on my back staring at the ceiling debating what the fuck to do about this ugly chick. This will not happen again and I warn all of you, don’t let this happen to you. But I did get blacked out that night, so all in all a success 😉


One comment on “Gentlemen…

  1. HELL YES MY DUDE!!! This is what tainted is for. Awesome story I can’t wait for more. And good call against the beer goggles too.

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