Putting Plus

As some of you may know…

The morning that glazer and Calvin went to Putt Putt I was 3 days out of surgery and wanted to do something very badly, so I tweeted. “It’s a putt putt kind of day” Those niggers didn’t invite me. Pricks. Anyway, Me and a few other fellas made it to Putting Plus the very next day. After Brett Murray, Jackson and Steven asked the man behind the desk if they could smoke cigars while they putted. They ran do Tobacco and Phones 4 Less and came back with some Raggedy Phillies that lasted about 7 minutes, (2 holes).

Anyway, Im not here to Brag about my score of a 19 or mention my hole in ones with eyes closed, or even my pool shot hole in ones with handle of my Putter. The game wasn’t very competitive as I got stuck taking Pictures of Leonardo daVINCI putting while puffing a Philly. We had 2 holes left. So on hole 17. A hole with a slim valley up the middle with water hazards on each side. About a foot to the right and behind it, hole 18. A steep up-hill with the hole placed at the top. (I’m sure you can all imagine). Steven first up, hits a bullet right at the hole, good aim, no touch at all. Rims off the cup from incredible power, Me and Jackson laughing behind his back. The ball bounces out of hole 17 and directly to the green of hole 18 with amazing force still behind it. It was slowly but surely creeping up hole 18. I dropped my putter and my jaw. The ball dropped right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what happened. I had to walk away and gather myself. Top 5 coolest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

So ya… Lets get this site poppin’ again.


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