Follow Up: How to Take Care of your business at University

Since I have been at university longer than almost everyone else who frequents this site (hello admiral), I have had plenty of time to observe the habits and question the methodology of the fellow Indiana University student when it comes to fapping.  My dear friend Yola’s suggestions are notable and each have their own individual pro’s and con’s, yet I feel are much more applicable to the “cali” lifestyle then most of our down to earth, blue collar, midwestern styles of living.  Here are a few ways to do it at Indiana University (or anywhere else in the midwest).

1.  This first idea is very similar to the idea of peeing outside whilst intoxicated,  but I have seen people who I assumed were drunk (maybe they were just pretending as to not be judged) yanking their chain on many a sidewalk throughout campus.  If you are comfortable with yourself, this strategy isn’t horrible, yet it leads to a pretty horrendous first impression. Not Recommended.

2.  This is more a universal strategy, and it deals with the element of surprise.  What better place to take care of your urges than where it is least expected?  Luckily for you daring individuals, this includes almost any place under the sun, and is relatively simple. For example, no one is going to be looking out for someone masturbating in the hallway of their dorm mid-afternoon, because, for god’s sake, who the fuck would do that, it’s stupid as hell! Also, mid-class is a decent option, especially if it is in the early stages of  class when people generally are attempting to make a good first impression to their classmates and professors.  No one will notice if you begin to casually jerk off in the corner.  Come on, don’t be a bitch.

3.  Lastly, there are several dumpsters around campus labeled “cum dumpster”.  These are conveniently placed and open 24 hours so students can go anytime they feel necessary.  These locations are not only incredibly convenient as they remove a large amount of hassle, but they are also equipped with a shit load of porn free to use.If you look carefully in the bottom right corner, you will see a man patiently waiting on what appears to be a bench.  I can confirm he is waiting in line to use a cum dumpster (also called a wack shack)! They have really taking off at IU and there is almost always a line to use the facilities. I am unsure if these devices exist on other college campuses apart from IU’s, as this is an innovative local idea thought of by the bright minds at the Kelley School of business. If you are either wondering if your institution is lucky enough to be on board with the program or would like to begin one, however, you may follow this link.  This is an unbelievable solution and I think you all will be thanking me later.

Hope all you guys are doing well.  HMU if you ever wanna talk homies.


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