John Stockton (Stay Schemin)

This dude is two doors down on my hall. His name is Marcus and I am facebook friends with him if anyone wants proof.  His most recent video is this one.  I think its pretty damn good, I hate to say it drinkthakoolaid, but he shits on Too Far.  Video, lyrics, voice, skill it is all better.  I have yet to show him Crack City, but I plan on it soon.  His roommate is a producer, roughly of drinkthakoolaid quality and there is this other kid who says he raps “a little” but he’s a small white kid so I’m not really sure.

Here’s another video he made his sophomore year.  Check out his views!!! Over 200k!!

In other words this kid’s life is drinkthakoolaid’s wet dream

By chachiramos5 Posted in Music

3 comments on “John Stockton (Stay Schemin)

  1. Dude is real solid. He comes off as a bigger vagina than me though to be honest. and at least gayze would absolutely shit on him in basketball. But spit with him Yola!!!

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