Turkey Day

I would like to commence by stating that I love college. Ive pretty much browned or blacked out every night and there are some definite hunnies here. However I am already VERY much looking forward to absolutely TEARING  up Omaha over thanksgiving break.

Think about it. Now that all of you guys aren’t huge vaginas we are gonna have so much fun. There’s so much more opportunity (room) for activities!  (and on a side note with the prevalence of bunk beds you will frequently hear that quote)

But to get back on track we will have fantasy to talk about and all other good shit. Miss all you guys, you’re absolute bros.

for the record my break starts the 17th and I go back the 26th. and on another note I just got freaked the fuck out I don’t go home until November 17th. Holy shit I forgot about october and september.


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