It Is Finally Here.

The moment we have all been waiting for gents.

It is no secrete that when fall rolls around there are some great things that come with it. Lets take a look at all the great stuff we get with fall.

Husker Football- oh the beloved sport. I am proud to say that I am now a Husker and it will mean a who lot more to me now that I am truly a part of the Nation. Along with husker football games comes crazy fucking tailgates. I am expecting nothing less then being really fucked up every single game. Home and away. There is a great chance that I don’t last a whole game or even make it to the game. And i am fine with that. GBR.

NFL/Fantasy- I am looking forward the the shit talking, bullshitting, and David Marshall being a total bastard and having to take the ACT this winter. I am glad you fuckers decided to add me to the league this year. Thanks for the original invite you dirty-bearded baconshovelers. Aaron Rodgers is about to shit all over you guys.

The League- One of the funniest shows in all of television will be returning this fall along with Taco and his Three Penis Wine. The crew’s shenanigans and nonsense will surely bring a laugh to myself and hopefully all of you Pan-Dicked Nipplesacks.

The weather- There is nothing like fall weather 🙂

Thanksgiving- The best holiday behind half Christmas! Where the food is great but the football is better!! Is there anything better then watching Brandon Lloyd score 5 touch downs and enjoy a nice piece of pumpkin pie? I think not. Oh and I guess i get to party with all of you droopy-donged shitplugs.

I think its safe to say that it will be a great fall. Have fun at college! Get fucked up for me! and make sure to post some funny or gay (Tommy specifically) stories to Taintit!

Peace jizz-stained cockfaces!


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