Black People on Campus

One could say I am making up for lost time on Tainted by posting 2 posts in the last 30 minutes. However, I have some important information I would like to share.

I know this may not be okay,  but every time I see a black person on campus, I automatically think they are an athlete.  Now I’m not talking a white/hipster/kid cuddi/ kevin black person, I am talking a HOOD RAT black person.  I know this is probably not very fair of me, but when I see them I think, “They must be athletes, what else would they be doing here?”  (It’s not racism, its statistics)  The thing is, most of the time I am right.  The other day, I saw a black dude with dreads, crooked teeth, and tats all over his arms and thought, no way is this dude here to learn.  Sure enough, he is a transfer high jumper from KC, MO.  Now I don’t know what it’s like around the nation at your guys’ campuses, but at Nebraska, it’s the truth.


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