Boring Ass Roommate

I would like to begin with a sincere apology about my lack of activity on tainted recently.  Things at Lincoln have been quite busy.  I would like to begin my 2012-2013 Tainted Season with a Gear Grinder about my new roommate.

To start of with, I have to say he is a nice guy.  He’s laid back, minds his own business, and doesn’t disturb any one.  However…. DAMN! HE IS BORING AS FUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!  He runs Cross Cuntry (yep) and is tired all the time.  Everytime I come back to the room, the lights are off and he is either sleeping on the floor or doing homework.  I have never walked in the room and the lights were on.  Thats weird.  Sometimes I lay in bed at night wishing I had a roommate I could tell funny stories with or go out and do some stupid shit with. But nope. Not him.  (I guess that’s what my Delt brothers are for).  Any way… I miss you guys and I wish I could have one of you as my roommate.  We would FSU in Schramm 0207.

However… I guess it’s better than having a gay roommate.


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