Blacks on campus Follow up

First off, I would like to thank you all for loading up this site with QUALITY posts. I am in one of my 9 study hours of the week (fuckin blows). All of these posts have used up about 20 minutes of “study time” I also have a paper due in 2 weeks, well i’m already done.

Main point of this article is to reply to Marshall’s nigga post. You have made it apparent that if he is black he MUST be an athlete. The thing is, in south dakota… He not only is an athlete, but he is a transfer from a JUCO. This nigga right here in my all Freshman speech class today.¬†

He is not a freshman, he is juco transfer from arizona. Me and him were partners and now forever buddies!

Last night, me and few boys went to play some basketball at the rec. Nice courts with some decent talent. Me and 3 other fellas were hoop in when a couple of guys that were up to no good, started makin trouble in my neighbor… wait i mean couple of guys on the other court came over. (black, about 6 foot 4 and a knee brace) (black, 6 foot, pretty big pipes. looked strong… and good) Teams were me, the blacks vs. my white buddies. I thought I was never gonna get the ball. Needless to say, they sucked. I played down low, scored majority of points and the all white team won, even though my team lost, i was happy to have the proven point of fundamentals (white guys) winning basketball games. That really grinded my gears.


4 comments on “Blacks on campus Follow up

  1. Wow, I am highly saddened that you just gave Marshall credit for my post, very disappointed : ( But indeed, some true thugs rollin around the athletic facilities. Also, to go on top of your mention of study hours, there is just no chance that I have a total of 8 hours of homework this week. I’ve clocked in 4 hours so far and am already working on stuff due next week. Bogus.

  2. fuck! my bad, got mixed up. haha i know! I’m done with all my shit and it was only hour and half! this week got 2 more hours to go. hope i get homework or else I’m gonna be writing more bunk posts

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