Again, thank you for keeping the posts flying in, as I am in “study room” getting my hours in. Marty, thanks for the shout out as maybe there few reasons I should be at lincoln. Probably not though. Unfortunately we only got 2 nights of freedom before classes started which didn’t lead to much. This post is mainly about the lack of punani me and my roommate have pulled in. Its only been 4 or 5 days but I expected a new bitch nightly. yet to happen. It’ll come as I am confident. Night 3 as we failed again, our video gamer roommate strolls back to the dorm about 1:30 with a fine hoe. As he opens his door, I thought this couldn’t be true. sure enough she followed. It absolutely shot my self confidence as this big goofy video gamer pulled in the puss before I did. South Dakota State has some bitches, but big fin has yet to find a keeper. Finally getting acquainted with some fine soccer players. but it is still a work in progress. I hope all of you are having this problem as JILL is STILL my favorite as the first week of college slims down. Getting hammered tonight and going to dance so wish me luck as tonight could be night. My pecker better get a kiss.


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