Gameday in Ann Arbor

So I am sure that all of you tainters have seen the embarrassment of a game that was shown nationwide on ABC last night. If you haven’t, let me tell you, we got raped. Alabama is simply too good and their host of running backs/huge, black linemen got the best of our team. Did it get the best of us students? Hell no!!! Read on for some highlights of my first gameday as a Michigan Wolverine.

While the game was unfortunately in Dallas, TX (not a neutral site by the way), Ann Arbor treated it halfway like a home game. The office of new student affairs ran a program to watch the game in the Big House so all us freshmen could get a taste for a real football saturday.

This football saturday began with the worst decision of the day. My fellow freshmen and I went to pick up our official 2012-2013 Student Section T-Shirts. We then proceeded to ALL WEAR THEM!!

For all you other freshmen out there, there is nothing that spells freshmen more than 10 bros walking down the street in the same shirt! We however, didn’t know this fact at the time and made ourselves look like complete idiots. The day was not ruined however as we still had the opportunity to go to numerous pregame frat parties. 

After being in Ann Arbor for the Nebraska game last year, I knew that something was not right. There was no buzz in the air and a lack of people out on the streets. Everyone’s efforts to treat it like a home game were not going so well. Anyways, we met brothers at about 6 frats and had a decent time. At about 6:15, after many hours of pregaming, we decided to go to the union for dinner. On the way, we stopped to pick up some of our friends at Sig Ep.

We had not been with these friends all day and during our absence they had drank much more than we had. Asian Kevin and Leavy were both hammered. We had no idea how much so until we began the walk to the union. While walking down Hill St., Leavy saw a ‘black virgin’ that he knew walking the opposite way. For some reason this excited him and he wanted to go see her. So he took off! Leavy ran straight into the street and, half a second later, a car ran straight into him. 

The Ford Explorer (he still thinks it was a Jeep) nailed him!! Going about 25-30 mph, the Ford took about 3 seconds to stop after the hit. Meanwhile Leavy was rolling on the ground from the force. 

Leavy got up and the car started to go again. After we started yelling at the car, it did a double take and took off. Needless say, we were laughing our asses off. I mean, he was ok, it was gameday and it was so funny! 

The man checking his wounds.


What sucks for Leavy is that it will be as hard for him to live this down as it will be for our own machine to live down his second night of college…. text him about it.

So, from Michigan, you stay classy, planet earth.


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