Gay dude hits on Chachi and Snake

As many of you already know, the #1 ranked USC Trojans are already off to a brilliant start to their season.  Yesterday they demolished the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors 49-10, highlighted by a 75 yard touchdown pass on the first play of the game and exceptional play by the Heisman-to-be Matt Barkley.  After the victory, spirits were high on campus and many students wanted to celebrate.

After much deliberation, Snake, Chachi and their Asian friend Li Luo decided to go to an asian frat party/luau (which was actually neither of those things).  Besides the very asian crowd (not out of the ordinary however), the only asian things were the creepy ass anime cartoons being played on projectors in sync with house music. But anyways, after getting to the party and scoping it around, Chachi ran into an acquaintance named Mark that he thought didn’t like him.  However, Mark, while being very intoxicated was very cheerful and excited, greeting Chachi with a big hug.  Mark was drunk and unstable so he kept his hand on Chachi’s shoulder for support (or so he thought).  with a group of other people that Chachi had hung out with a little but didn’t know were at the party.  At this point Chachi left to get a refreshing beverage…and Mark followed.  Not a bit perturbed now by Mark’s friendliness, Chachi thought it was funny this super drunk kid was following him around, though it was a little annoying how he kept leaning on him.  After consuming 3 ounces of unsaid beverage with Mark, Chachi went off to meet back up with his friends…which he couldn’t find.  Mark continued talking to Chachi, telling him odd things his friends had said about him (most not to be repeated here) though two included that he looked like “Scruffy jesus” and that one thought he “might be gay”.  A little annoyed at Mark’s constant drunken presence and that false accusation, Chachi sent him off to look for the girl that slandered him so.  After wandering around for awhile, Chachi found his dude Snake chatting up an Asian and a black chick (round of applause).  Also near this group was Mark, who appeared to have just stopped talking with them.

After approaching this group it appeared Mark had been similarly all over Snake, very touchy feel and not the girls.  Mark also had let it slip that he was gay.  At this point, Mark’s friendliness was a bit off and took a darker look for the two young Trojan boys.  They quickly laughed it off however but were now much more aware of Mark.  He talked to them a bit more but was very incoherent at this point and they had their guards up.  The night ended uneventfully for the most part, with the party being busted around 2.  However, several moments could only be summed up as “College”


P.S. Snake, when you read this, make an account goddammit!!


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