Follow Up: Warning

This article is for the homies with good memories, as this is a follow up to one of the earliest articles written on our beloved website.  What I am referring to, of course, is a restaurant review of a local Bloomington establishment titled Malibu Grill.

This restaurant has a sterling reputation throughout the area and is a great place to go with parents when they are in town.  This was my second time eating here, and as you can see here it was not memorable.  I decided to give it a second chance, as I believe I am a forgiving and just human being.  And also because the Robinson’s were in town and were going to pay for my dinner.

Sydney invited about 20 of her “closest” friends to this birthday dinner, and we were seated in the back of the restaurant.  We were seated at two tables, and with her family the number of people was almost thirty, which is quite a large party.  Unlike my first Malibu Grill experience, our party was not forced to wait for a fucking eon, and we were seated quite promptly.  We sat for about twenty minutes before being offered a drink, which is borderline bad service, but then had to wait about another twenty minutes to order our food.  At this point, I was slightly impatient, but still understanding as we were a large group.  After about an hour of rousing conversation with high school freshman Brett, I realized we still were food-less.  I was incredibly hungry and irritated, but too lazy to ask the dumb bitch waitress, “Where the fuck is our food, you stupid fat cunt”.  I controlled my impulses and waited at my table.  When we finally got our food, at the one and a half hour mark, it tasted amazing, but this was likely a direct result of being famished and eating the shit they call “dorm-food” for the past three weeks.  My Hickory BBQ chicken sandwhich was delicious, and I was understanding as to why the restaurant has a clientele who continue to come back, even though Caribbean Delights has better customer service.


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