BEWARE: Deodorant Warning

I would like to draw your attention to a serious problem in today’s society.  This is a trap that I have fallen into several times and would like to open the eyes of my fellow Tainted brothers so that they do not fall into this trap as well.

Well my friends, it has come to my attention that, in the 21st century, NOT ALL DEODORANT IS ANTI-PERSPIRANT!!!  Yes, in fact companies still produce deodorant that only makes your armpits smell and does not aid in sweat-prevention.  This first dawned on me about 2 years ago.  I had deodorant that was not anti-perspirant.  After a few weeks of thinking “Why the FUCK are my armpits sweaty, I put on deodorant!!” I checked to find out that anti-perspirant was not a part of my deodorant.  First of all, why would anyone want just deodorant.  If there is any person in the world that likes sweaty armpits, I would like to punch them.  That’s disgusting.  If the technology of anti-perspirant has been invented, why would just deodorant still be sold in stores.  I am absolutely baffled right now.  Sweat prevention is the main reason I purchase deodorant!!


Now after I had learned my lesson, I made the same mistake just a few weeks ago.  I had purchased my favorite Old Spice deodorant just before heading to college.  After about a few weeks, I realized that I had been pitting out quite a bit lately.  I checked my deodorant to, once again, face the harsh truth.  I call upon all of you to always look for the words “anti-persirant” while buying deodorant.  For example, the deodorant below does not contain those words and therefore will not aid in sweat prevention!!  If I can save one person from the agony of sweaty pits, I have succeeded.







The Assassin


6 comments on “BEWARE: Deodorant Warning

  1. Hello, Alexander. I think I may have answer to your question that will suffice. Anti-perspirant makes the skin dry and irritated–it probably does this more for some people. Let me tell you: dry, cracked armpits can be as uncomfortable as sweaty ones. Another explanation is that some girls enjoy sweaty–but not smelly–oral-armpit sex–the licking of the man’s armpit. This sexual act takes place at many “frat parties”–at least it does here at Hopkins. I hope these explanations help.

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