Fantasy First.

I am currently in a four hour study session right now at the library but i really do not feel like studying. It turns out that I have a shit ton of stuff to do such as a 4 page rough draft, astronomy lab, 3 homework assignment in math, an astronomy exam next week. But there is something tonight that i just cannot take my mind off of. The fucking Game. As you all know Victor Cruz is a big part of the Giants offense and thankfully plays for the Olympic Champions. I could never just sit at my desk forcing myself to do all of this homework when quite possibly Cruz could be catching balls, scoring touchdowns and racking up the points to put me in a great position over The Arian Foster of Fags. But how in the world could I possibly watch the game while i am at the library you might ask? Well after a little digging on google i came across a site called UFREETV.COM. Its free and saving my life. Well its about kick off… Do I feel a bit guilty? sure…. Do I care? no. 

I know all of you bastards would do the same. 



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