Quest for 1000

Once again, The Assassin has taken lead of the top Tainted Author of all time with over 900 views, maintaining a slight lead over Chachi.  My goal for the next week is to be the first Tainted author to reach 1000 views all time.

However, the true goal for all of us is to make Tainted the greatest website in all of the world.  Fuck China.  Tainted has made great gains the last few months, but we still need to generate more views.  In order to accomplish this, we need more solid posts and some SOLID TAGS! Yes, we need to consistently add tags to our posts to generate more web searches.  “Beyonce naked” has generated hundreds of searches for Tainted.  Think of all the dudes out there that just want to see some nudie pics of Beyonce! I call all of you to use more tags to generate more searches and more popularity of Tainted.

I have now changed my mind for my goal.  I no longer have the goal to become the first author to reach 1000, but now my new goal is more team oriented.  The new goal is to reach 100,000 views total for the site in the before the world ends.  Time is running out boys, let’s get to it.


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