Study Hall

Alright guys…. here’s the deal.

So its 9 a.m. and I have to get 2 more hours of study hall in today before 11:30 and I actually don’t have ANY homework.  So just be prepared for an abnormal amount of Tainted posts.  Because I will probably spend 2 hours writing posts so I don’t go crazy.  I will begin by giving my thoughts on study hall.  In my opinion…. it’s actually not too bad.  I get so much work done. So far… I haven’t had to worry at all about getting homework done.  The only problem with it is when you leave a large amount of study time until the last minute and have to wake up extra early and come at 9 on a Friday morning and stay until you have to leave for class.  (oops)  But on the bright side, I did get to watch the Husker Volleyball team SMASH on the Oklahomo Sooners last night (for free).  Yeah it was pretty sweet.  I would like to take this time to apologize right now for this quite boring post.  Im just soo bored.  I guess Ill tell a funny joke I heard the other day.

So there was a girl who went swimming in the ocean and got her left arm and left leg bit off my a shark.

It turns out that she was all right.

Pretty solid joke. Well Im gonna call this post a wrap, but expect more posts soon. (Hopefully of better quality)  Peace out suckas


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