Toilet Paper

Alright fellas, I’ve got a Gear Grinder for all of you today.  Since the start of college, I have experienced a strong depreciation of the quality of toilet paper.  

The toilet paper on campus is awful.  My ass crack has been suffering lately due to the decline in toilet paper quality.  It’s really grinding my gears! I mean can’t we just get some better toilet paper.  I would be perfectly happy to chip in an extra $10 dollars a year for the cost to live in the dorm to get some better toilet paper, and I think everyone else would too.  However, the main culprit on toilet paper stinginess is the UNL Athletic Department.  The athletic department has more money than they know what to do with, however, has the shittiest toilet paper I have ever used (pun intended).

I mean come on! Toilet paper plays an important role in living.  Good toilet paper can significantly improve ones quality of life.  Not only will toilet paper make students happier, but will also improve recruiting for Universities.  I know that I notice when places have good toilet paper, and I’m sure that other people do too.  So help me spread the word to improve toilet paper on campuses all around the country!!!



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