Hello everybody as it has been way too long, i have been so butt hurt from getting no pussy in the past… well all of college. Therefore that has grinded my gears, so I had some self talk, watched some inspirational videos, stretched. Anyway I went to a party tonight, met a girl named ashley so we kinda hooked up… this other girl saw it happen and was bagging on me right after saying “i just saw you making out with another girl!” whats that girl do… hooks up with me behind a van (not down by the river though). Later this evening. about an hour ago. fuck that bitch good. came all over her tithes, wanted all of you to know that. Especially for marty who asked me earlier. It is about 3:45 AM and I’m gonna go to bed now, also Assassin… toilet paper freakin blows… so what does my ASS do… went to walmart, snagged a pack of charmin ultra, every time I shit in my dorm, take a roll with me, most dynamite move i have done it a WHILE! except starting russel wilson… bold but he will go off,

HAve a good night everybody and enjoy yourselves, by the way… huskers… what the fuck. DAMNIT. Jack rabbits pull out victory and huskers can’t. whats world coming to. shiiiiiiiiit! PEace brothers



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