Fuck Pass Interference

So I am sitting here watching the Baltimore-Bengals game and it’s absolute HORSE SHIT

So I have my boy Torrey Smith, who has gotten zero love from that stupid fuck Joe Flacco. So I see Flacco throws a bomb in the end zone and I’m hoping it’s my boy, it is, and he’s going to catch it, but gets fouled and they call pass interference. THAT DOES ME NO GOOD GODDAMNIT. Fuck that little cumshot that pass interfered.

To make thing worse the Ravens get the ball on the 2 because of the penalty and they give it to Ray Rice who scores. and that PUSSY ASS BITCH Stath has Ray Rice, whom I am playing. FUCK THIS. FUCK PENALTIES. WE NEED TO GET A RULE FOR THAT SHIT.

That’s all. I’ll cool down once I get this win under my dick (belt).



3 comments on “Fuck Pass Interference

  1. Pass interference is something that all fantasy owners have to deal with. Glazer was losing his shit that it happened to Brandon Marshall on Sunday so believe when I say you’re not alone.

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