Kudos given back

I chuckle as I look back at tommy’s post earlier this week of his matchup predictions…I also chuckle at the fact ESPN predicted my squad barely over 100, little did they know that BIG FIN owned the highest scoring team this week. chachi has a chance to catch me. Glazer, nice try but you fell just short… again. Tommy did say “if AP is back, ill take it” well put tommy because… AP IS BACK! Let him slip to me in the 3rd round. Silly children. I now own 2 of the top 3 backs in the league, for those of you who disagree… you’re wrong.

As to everyone else in the league this week… Big matchup tonight between the newcomers of the league VS. the AUTO PICK master. The stinky winky pokers have lots of fire power as they debatably have the best special teams duo in the league. I guess this will be determined by tonights finish as it could be a good one.

Glazer, good victory as your opponents top scorer was his kicker. Nothing wrong with that, unless he scored under 20, thats not very good.

Beer olympic champ has taken his winning ways on the gridiron… fantasy gridiron. Just like last year, Marty mart starting the season hot, as being new to fantasy football he must realize the waiver wire and paying attention throughout is big. Id like to see you in the playoffs this year 😉

Tommy… Fred jackson fucked ya real good, I hope he is ok as he had an MRI schedules about an hour ago. Im anxiously checking his status. But just like calvin… and jacobs team says… calvin knows… he just knows, can’t really fux with that. Weak matchup as i expect more from both of you next week.

Max with one hell of a start as CJ spiller erupted in the backfield and his own pants. Solid week and still with fire power heading into tonights games, good luck tonight on your quest to passing BIG FIN in this weeks highest point total. KUDOS.

Poo on you/Dat Assassin. I was pondering on what players you had tonight, maybe giving you a shot at a win. Then realized the raiders play tonight and you probably have 2 raiders playing tonight… and you did. SMH.

It appears only 3 teams will score under 100 this week. not too shabby league MFTSD (Michael Finocchiaros Team Straight Dominates)

Also if you realize, ESPN predicted almost all of our games wrong. except maybe 2. I should be an analysts over these scrubs.



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