So yesterday i was in a bit of a hurry to grab lunch with a Jazz test to study for and about 20 minutes to grab lunch. I scurried over to the union to grab some subway and head back to my house to study. After receiving my sandwich i was making my way to the door when my phone vibrated. It was none other than Big Fin The Gargantuan making futile attempts to beat me in words with friends (1 game win streak for Dmarsh10 right now). Wait…Let me start earlier, a few weeks ago I needed a new pair of shoes, something comfortable for all the walking in college and such. I got a pair of Sanuks, which are actually sandals as claimed by the company…not true. They’re fucking shoes, look at them:

Anyway, while extremely comfortable, they have about as much traction as Tommy’s car when we got stuck in that snow sophomore year by Krumwiede’s house. So I’m making my way to the door in these bad boys while carrying my sandwich and whipping out 60 pt. words like its my job when…..FUCKING STAIRCASE OUT OF NOWHERE!!!! Foot slips right out from under me and I bump against the stairs on my side to the floor below. Of course the union is full of people. Most laugh. Asian man returns my phone that went flying while not being able to contain his laughter. Some ugly girl asks if I’m alright and while I’m hurting pretty bad I still have shit to do and can’t be wasting time with what was a 3 at best. Aside from my right side of my body being bruised like a red headed stepchild and the new found population of people at Lincoln who will remember me as that kid that biffed it down the stairs, I’m good.  Actually, better than good: Made For The Streets (not stairs).


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