Matchup of the week

First off, Holy fuck. Finally thursday is here. It’s been a long week and I’m ready to get weird this week.

Fantasy week 2, in some peoples opinion… the most important week of the season. Trash has been talked, wire has been waived, trades have been proposed. Now it is time to see what teams can produce an undefeated record through week 2.

This weeks prime matchup is Beer champ Vs. Calvin knows. Starts off tonight with a big game between the bears and packers. In my opinion Marty needs a solid showing from Rodgers to stay in this one. As we all know, Rodgers is very capable of that. Monday night the man himself takes the field… Peyton, who could be a top 3 QB at the end of the season. Im very excited to see who pulls this one out as both teams have nice starting lineups pending on a few starters being questionable, then again antonio gates has been question for the past 2 years.

Week 2 predictions:

Calvin knows

But I’m not a rapper (stath)

Arian Foster care will bounce back after a tough loss last week

I see My Precious pulling this one out in a close one.

Big Fin no doubt.

Poo on you as his receivers will come alive after weak performances week 1.

Max will beat oliver again. (why they playin?)


5 comments on “Matchup of the week

  1. Accurate Week 2 predictions:
    Olympic Champion (Especially if Johnson is banged up)
    Team 133 (Top Scorer this week)
    Arian Foster Care (I’d put money on this one)
    Mr. Winky Pokin’ Stinky (Close Game)
    MFTS (made for the streets)
    Little FIn (Unfortunately Obvious)
    And Max…Again (Get your shit together Gayze)

    • I find it interesting that you have picked the teams to win in every matchup that scored more in the first week… As always in fantasy football there are changes week to week in who scores the most. Also Calvin Johnson is not “banged up” He sat out practice Wednesday and now he is back. If you were a foot supporting a 6’5” 230 pound black man you would want some rest too…

      • I actually didn’t look at any of the previous weeks scores in determining these projections. Odd how that worked out, but in actuality i agree that would be a very poor way to make player projection with changing match-ups and the overall inconsistency in fantasy football. Regarding Calvin, he was on Detroit’s injury report. regardless of if he’s back or not being on the report is certainly not a positive thing.

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