As many tainters know, su chico Chachi likes to workout.  And since the running around USC is subpar to put it lightly, I’ve had to mix up my workouts, a little more speed work, a little more lifting, and then yesterday I had a brilliant idea.  Why not go swimming?  Nearly every college has a pool you can use – for free!  Swimming is a nice way to mix it up from running and lifting,  and swimming is just a fun activity as well.

Think about the swimmers you know.  With the exception of Brent Hagemann, every single one is jacked right?  Plus you’re at a pool:  USC’s is outdoor so you can get a tan as well (also held in an Olympic pool).  When you get tired from swimming or need a short break just hop out of the pool and air dry while watching the diving team (mighty fine) practice.  Other benefits of this activity include a free shower and how you’re always so hungry after swimming and can eat whatever.

Has anyone else tried swimming at their college?  You should and report back.  I went 600m and was totally exhausted, see if you can beat that.

Adios por ahora

~Chachi “Phelpsito” Ramos


4 comments on “Swimming

    • I’m taking 18 credits but only have 20 hours a week of class…FWM!
      Sometimes you have to wake up early, other times just don’t do your hw

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