Alright guys… my gears are grinding hard core right now.  

So to begin my frustration with television here in Lincoln, I do not know any of the channels.  It’s pissing me off. We finally got a sheet that has all of the channels on it, but it’s still screwing me up that everything is different.  Also, there is no guide that I can scroll through that tells me what is on every channel.  How am I supposed to know what to watch!?!?!

Okay, for the last few weeks I have been putting up with those somewhat significant T.V. tribulations. However, I have been put over the edge.  Right now, all I want to do is watch the NFL game, probably like many other men across the nation.  However, my cable in my dorm does not include NFL network.  Okay fine, so I’m scrolling through the other things that are on right now and I am baffled at how these ridiculous shows are on TV, and not the NFL game. Here are some

Mass for shut-ins, Gross Catholic football game (many levels below NFL), Some bitch talking about Vitamin D, FUCKING OPERA, Glee, Dora the explorer, some dumbs students talking about some shit in a library filmed with a shitty camera (probably some lincoln version of WTV), some Charlie Chaplin

How is all this garbage on TV, but the NFL game isn’t.  I’m pissed.

Wait!!! Matt just came through in the clutch!!!! Pulled up the MUTHAFUCKIN GAME on his COMPUTER AND HOOKED THAT BITCH UP TO THE TV!!!


Peace out homes. Imma watch dis game


2 comments on “Telvision

  1. shiiiit niggas. Here in jackrabbit nation we got that guide, we got that HD, but we do NOT have that NFL network which sucks a fatski

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