Counterpoint: Tags are not the problem

As I am currently writing an essay and well….fuck that shit, I’d like to offer a rebuttal in favor of tags.  I very much enjoy tags in posts, both reading tags as a preview and applying them to my own posts.  For the former reason, tags can be very funny if used for a just purpose.  If I see a new post by foodvulture13 and see that its about fantasy football, I will assume it’s him whining about losing (it was) but I also saw “cumshot” tagged in there.  If he were looking to increase his views, he could do it in much more efficient ways.  Therefore I am now left to assume that he thinks its funny to tag something so vulgar and unrelated (it is) or that there is something written about cumshots in there! My anticipation (and wang) has risen!  I have observed both foodvulture13 and joebabymama doing this in their posts, putting relevant tags in but then outlandish ones as well.  I applaud you boys, excellent work.

As for myself, I enjoy tags and therefore naturally assume that others will as well.  For the most part, my tags are suggested by the computer and I just approve them but occasionally I will put a creative and random one in for the hopes of it being entertainting to others.  I will admit that one time I did tag”beyoncé naked” in a post to see if it would increase my views, then I realized what a cockface nad-nibbler I was being and regretted it immediately.  Peoples’  (primarily datassassin’s) exploitation of the tags are the problem, not the tags themselves.  Don’t vilify the poor defenseless tags, go at that bitch datassassin!

Just some thoughts of mine as I avoid finishing an essay.



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