Mason Crosby

I just wanted to say that in the matchup of team Calvin Knows vs. Olympic Champion the only two players in play last night were Mason Crosby and Aaron Rodgers.  Lucky for me I had Mason Crosby.

Classic Crosby outscoring his quarterback…


4 comments on “Mason Crosby

  1. Had a talk with Rodgers last night at halftime. He says he just lacks the motivation he had last year after being signed by a team of extremely high caliber. A team that further rewarded his efforts with naming the team after him for some time. He was really disappointed not to make their roster again, and has informed me he would like to be traded to Team MFTS so that he can achieve that hood mentality that allowed him to be such a thug last year.

  2. I told Rogders too take it easy on Thursday night because I just knew Fitzjerald was going to blow a fat cock this week and i had a hunch my opponent this week would start an inactive player. Rodgers says that he trusts me 100% and actually feels more confident under new management this season over last season with Wacky Dave. I am giving Rodgers the green light this week against the Seahawks, expect big numbers.

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