Reguarding Views (A Response to “Quest for 1000”)

I was browsing the front page of tainted, checking out some old posts that might yield new comments and such when i looked at what is perhaps Tainted’s most viewed authors post. While this post was adhering to watching the Thursday  night football game I noticed the tags of the post which are shown here:

As most of us our familiar with, tagging keywords in your post is what would bring people in their searching those words on google or other places on the internet to that specific post. Now this post of DatAssassin has absolutely nothing to do with “boobs” or “nude” anything. That’s weird, I wonder why he’d tag words like that to his post when it has no relation. here are some other tags of the man who labelled himself as the top tainted writer because he was near 1000 views:

None of these posts have anything to do with nipples, Obama, porn, big booty babes, free porn, strip teases, boobs, puss, or batman. As I’ve stated before, this sight was founded for communication and entertainment amongst ourselves, so most of us don’t even tag our posts. Now in the event that some of us write some articles that have relevance to the rest of the world and catch some traffic that’s something to be proud of. What is not something to be proud of is tagging a bunch of very popular words that are irrelevant to your post and then bragging about how many views you have gotten from innocent adolescents hoping to find boobs or free porn and ending up with your opinion on toilet paper or deodorant. Shit like that really grinds my gears. SMH at you DatAssassin.


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