Alright homos. So its about 2:50 in the morning.  Im eating veggie chips and reading some quite hateful posts about my use of tags in my posts.  Fuck it.  Any way… I am still quite tipsy and I have really wanted to make a drunk posts in the last few days.  I want to tell you all about my adventure tonight.

So I’m walking home from this bros apartment with some 2 other delt dudes.  We are about a block into our walk and clark realizes he is too fat to walk the whole way and decides to yell at this random ass car.  They stop and turn around.  The car has two random ass bitches in it (melissa and amber).  We ask them for a ride and they accept.  So im in this random car and im like “what the fuck”.  we tell them to go to delta tau delta on 16th and vine and they start driving the wrong way.  I thought I was about to get kidnapped and taken to some meth lab in seward, NE.  I am demanding to get out of the car but my friends are like “its ok bro”.  So I was able to direct them in the right way of the frat house and they took us there.  Clark and Christian both told the driver that her breasts were fantastic.  This girl was not very attractive.  I think they got her number.  buy anywhooo…. we somehow got home safely. its a miracle. Peace.


These veggie chips are amazing.


This story probably isn’t that funny, but it is funny to me right now hahahah


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