I would like to be the first to point out my terrible fantasy football display this week.  53 points is definitely something to be very ashamed of.  

I had a talk with the guys in the locker room after todays game.  There just hasn’t been that fire in them, that sense of urgency with the season. But I told them all: “it’s time boys.  You better get your shit together or I will replace each and everyone of you with  free agents.”

To be honest, Im not even mad.  The more appropriate term is “disappointed.” I can’t believe that my team had such a pathetic lack of motivation.  It’s awful.  I can assure you things will turn around.  This weeks practice will teach these boys a lesson they will never forget.  Now aside from some minor changes (raiders D), I still have faith in my team.  I strongly believe we can bounce back from the trenches of hell to become the greatest fantasy football team that has ever been formed.  But like I told the guys, it will take many hours of blood, sweat, tears, and jizz to become that team, because we are a long ways off.

P.S. : dont bother rubbing in the fact that I got 53 points.  I already rubbed it in all over myself.


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