Better Late Than Never

Twas a long and prosperous off-season for Team MFTS. Often it was filled with reminiscing on the unorthodox amount of points Team 200+ scored week after week, the phenomenal trade Team Aaron Rodgers made with Big Fin, Team 49ers Defense’s unparalleled comeback over Team Determination, or How Aaron Rodgers exceeded his projected points by about 10 every week. With how amazing Team MFTS’s Domination was, I figured you’d all just give up this year.  Kudos to you queers showing back up this year for another ass whipping. Thinking you all had given up I didn’t have my 1 on 1’s with my players before their games last week (An often overlooked signature part of Team MFTS). I scheduled a mandatory conference this week letting my players know the kind of reputation they are upholding and how they are suspected to perform.  As one can see even the players on my bench were fired up just to be on the roster.  With the understanding of the caliber of Team MFTS and with cuts/trades coming at anytime, Team MFTS got slightly better. While not even coming close to their full potential, this was enough to score the most points this week in League Made For The Streets. Speaking of which, Glazer (65pts) you are a disgrace to League Made for the Streets. Get your shit together, because right now you are clearly not made for the streets. Van Lent’s low scoring is understandable as it is very intimidating to matchup with Team MFTS when they are under my coaching. My ring size is 9.5.


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