Week 3 Matchups

Being the expert analyst that So Hood is, I decided to talk with him and relay his opinions on this weeks matchups.

Team 133 vs Arian Foster Care

This is a great match-up. Team 133 (who has draws much confusion having never scored 133) features Tom Brady, Brandon Marshall, and this week Ryan Mathews. Brady will get his points and Marshall will likely see more targets with an injured forte, but this one comes down to whether Mathews lives up to all that preseason hype. I bet he doesn’t. Arian Foster Care gets his their first win this week with none other than foster leading the way. Also expect big games from Romo, Jordy, and The 49ers D.

My Precious vs But I’m Not a Rapper

Call it tough luck if you want, but My Precious has a knack for picking players who get injured. With his 2 top running backs sidelined this week, there’s little hope for him. But I’m not a rapper continues his auto-pick dominance for yet another week.

Calvin Knows vs Team 420 LA Edition

The difference in receiving core here is the game changer.  It won’t be a great win, but Calvin and Fitz get their shit together this week and lead Calvin Knows to a win with Team 420 under 100pts.

Olympic Champion vs Mr. Winky Pokin’ Stinky

The Olympic Champion looks like a veteran coming out 2-0 after almost not being in the league this year. Fortunately for him he plays the scrubs that were added with him to give us an even 14 teams. Aside from the TE position, the Champion’s team is shaping up nicely this year, Mr. Winky Pokin’ Stinky…not so much. Olympic champion moves to 3-0.

La Verga de Destrucción vs Poop on you

Largest margin of victory this week for La Verga de Destrucción. Alex, your team is bad and you should feel bad.

Team Rockman vs Big Fin

This game will be much closer than the spread shows. I really like the double TE strategy at the beginning, but has left Rockman too thin at running back. Big Fin grows to 3-0, Team Rockman crumbles to 0-3.

Team MFTS vs Jordana On My Banana

Made for the streets, no need to say more.


12 comments on “Week 3 Matchups

  1. enjoyed the read. Might I add. there are 4 teams unbeaten. 3 came from rock brook elementary. What y’all niggas got to show??? Us bulldogs were just bred better, smarter, and better.

  2. Under 100 points? If I had started the right players on my bench I would have had 100+ last week. But I digress, team 133 refers to the University of Michigan football team in case others including Marshall were having difficulty understanding Glazer’s team name.

  3. Calvin, your excuse of not playing your higher scoring players from your bench last week is solely your fault. Probably the worst excuse in fantasy football as its something you actually have control over. nevertheless, I meant that Team 420 would have less than 100 points. And thanks for clearing up gayzers team name.

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