Toilet splash

Big toilet bowls have been pissin me off. your droppings have a greater fall as it splashes the piss all over your ass. So I pondered in my room one day and thought, there must be a way to prevent this madness. Since I have been in college, I have been eating pretty poorly. Oh well, but my shits aren’t good firm logs. Bits and pieces. Splashers as i now call them. Like the cannon balls hitting the water in bombs away in mario party. So I came up with a solution. Landing pad. Get toilet paper. fold it a time or two, put it right in that area your about to take your poo. Simple! problem solved. Let me know if you have any other questions tori222. Or any of you other followers.


2 comments on “Toilet splash

  1. I have actually heard of an experimental technique called the poop hammock. Never tried it. But anyways, it involves laying a hammock of toilet paper across to bowl so your poop gently lands on the paper and then falls in. Not sure where I heard it, also not sure if it works. Definitely risky.

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